My name is Jennifer Rivera, and I have been a professional Opera Singer since my debut with the Cincinnati Opera in 1999. After traveling all over the world and wishing I could share the crazy experiences I was having as I lived my life on the road, I started writing a blog in 2008. I titled it: Trying to Remain Opera-tional; the life of an opera singer equals comedy.

I first got the idea that I needed to start writing a blog when I arrived at the apartment I was to be staying in for a particular job, and noticed that when I looked out my window, I was faced with a spectacularly large billboard. It was huge, and it was the first (and only) thing I could see from the apartment, where I would be staying for a month. It was a photo of a woman's upper body, and she was wearing a tight white t-shirt. The billboard said only, "Pray for rain." I thought to myself; Ah yes - if only the world at large could see just how glamourous the life of a traveling opera singer actually is. People think we are jetting all over the world, taking limos and drinking champagne, when actually we are mostly just staying at Marriott Residence Inns which face slightly pornographic oversized advertisements.

Very soon after that, I went to sing in Europe for the first time. I went to Torino, Italy to sing Sesto in La Clemenza di Tito. I knew I was going to both have some incredible experiences, and also make a fool of myself trying to live in Italy for 2 months, so I finally started writing this blog. 

Just over a year later, I got a review in the Los Angeles Times for a concert I had sung in, and then a write-up about my blog followed. That week, The Daily Beast also featured my blog in their "week in entertainment" section, and suddenly I had a lot more people reading what I was writing. After that publicity, I realized that writing was no longer my secret hobby, it was something I was doing for public consumption. I was a little scared - I mean, I'm a singer, not a writer. But writing had become such a cathartic way for me to deal with this strange artistic life, and I was getting the added bonus of communicating with all these people from around the world who were interested in what I was doing and saying. 

I've struggled over the past couple of years with just how honest to be in writing about my fears and aspirations as a singer and also as a human being. But I finally decided that I would just speak my mind about what it was like to be me, and people have seemed to appreciate my honesty. And I also believe that knowing something about an artists insides can make seeing them perform more interesting. The writing and singing and creativity have all sort of combined, and so it made sense to create a secondary website with all my media output. Thank you for visiting, and I hope something on this website will make you laugh.I just hope it won't be the videos of my performances.