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Hi Jenny!

I was wondering if you have any idea whether it'd be possible to have a career in both opera and theatre'musical theatre? I'm mainly a classical singer, but I also act, and I studied theatre as one of my high school subjects. Also, I'm from Singapore, which is a tiny country with a tiny opera scene, and all the local opera singers I know are also teachers and/or choir conductors because there aren't enough performance opportunities to just be a performer. Which is what makes me think performing in opera wouldn't take up so much of my life that I could make a living out of that alone.

Assuming I even have what it takes to make it in either career (and accounting for having to learn a different singing technique for musical theatre), do you think it would be possible to perform both in opera and theatre (straight plays and/or musicals)? I'm starting uni this year doing broad-ish arts/humanities stuff, and will probably specialise in performance when I do my Master's - is there anything in particular I should bear in mind when planning my studies?

Sorry this seems like so many questions, and thank you so much! Hope you and your lovely family are all well :D

August 7, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterUndecided