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I am a complete beginner and wanting to start singing lessons. But I really don't know where shall I start from.
I mean to say that I want to be able to sing Opera, Musical Theatre, Rock ,Pop, Jazz, Reggae, Country and other genres.
But I am very confused.

I really don't understand these technique stuff.
People say that Opera has a different technique than the Musical Theatre or Rock technique is different from Musical Theatre..I feel this is crap..I mean to say that I believe that there is only one technique that can help you to sing any genres you want whether be it classical or popular. A common technique. As you see there are many singers who can sing almost everything with there one technique. But if it is then how come opera singers have very heavy voice while popular singing have voice similar to speaking voice.

One of my friend is a professional opera singer in USA and suggested me to start opera then apply it to all other. But opera doesn't encourage registers (chest,head and...) while popular has all to do with registers.

I need your suggestion..What shall I start? How shall I start? How do I know that I am progressing? How do I find the common technique?

I am from India and have specially come to London to learn singing. But right now I am stuck. I deeply want to learn the root of singing.
Please help me..

Looking forward to hear positive from you.

December 15, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterSangeet